Friday, September 4, 2015

Psalm 34:11-17

Unjust witnesses rising up have asked me things I knew not. 
They repaid me evil for good: 
to the depriving me of my soul.
But as for me, when they were troublesome to me, 
I was clothed with haircloth.
I humbled my soul with fasting; 
and my prayer shall be turned into my bosom. 
As a neighbour and as an own brother, so did I please: 
as one mourning and sorrowful so was I humbled. 
But they rejoiced against me, and came together:
scourges were gathered together upon me, and I knew not.
They were separated, and repented not: 
they tempted me, they scoffed at me with scorn:
they gnashed upon me with their teeth. 
Lord, when wilt thou look upon me? 
Rescue thou soul from their malice: 
my only one from the lions.

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