Monday, September 7, 2015

Psalm 34:19-26

Let not them that are my enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: 
who have hated me without cause, 
and wink with the eyes.
For they spoke indeed peaceably to me; 
and speaking in the anger of the earth they devised guile.
And they opened their mouth wide against me;
they said: Well done, well done, our eyes have seen it.
Thou hast seen, O Lord, be not thou silent:
O Lord, depart not from me.
Arise, and be attentive to my judgment:
to my cause, my God, and my Lord.
Judge me, O Lord my God according to Thy justice, and let them not rejoice over me.
Let them not say in their hearts: 
It is well, it is well, to our mind: 
neither let them say: 
We have swallowed him up.
Let them blush: and be ashamed together, who rejoice at my evils. 
Let them be clothed with confusion and shame, who speak great things against me.

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