Friday, October 6, 2023

Amos Pile

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Amos 7

1 These things the Lord God shewed to me: and behold the locust was formed in the beginning of the shooting up of the latter rain, and lo, it was the latter rain after the king's mowing.

2 And it came to pass, that when they had made an end of eating the grass of the land, I said: O Lord God, be merciful, I beseech thee: who shall raise up Jacob, for he is very little?

3 The Lord had pity upon this: It shall not be, said the Lord.

Patreon image donor: Vesko Dragaš
Amos 7

7 These things the Lord shewed to me: and behold the Lord was standing upon a plastered wall, and in his hand a mason's trowel.

8 And the Lord said to me: What seest thou, Amos? And I said: A mason's trowel.

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